Leaky Gut Screen

The starting point for improving your gut health.

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What's Included

This simple test, collected at home, is the starting point to see how well your gut is working. Diet changes and expensive supplements will never reach their potential in an unhealthy gut.

Gluten intolerance, certain food sensitivities, depression and anxiety, and a whole list of autoimmune conditions are connected to poor gut health. Many of these conditions can dramatically improve if you focus your attention on healing your gut first. The truth is that it's not what you eat, but what your body can absorb that matters.

This new health experience was built to provide EVERYTHING you need to get started including the doctor's order for testing. Once your results are complete (typically about a week), you can schedule your live review with Cass Nelson-Dooley (the expert) to create a personal plan to move forward and/or get ready for your next doctor's visit.


What is Leaky Gut? (How we explain it)

Everything you eat and drink ends in your gut, both good and bad. Bacteria, fungus, parasites, medications, chemicals, plastics, and even heavy metals get into your body through your mouth. If the lining of your gut IS working properly, it acts like a filter. Only letting in what's good for you while working to keep out the bad. Think of it like the skin on the inside of your body.

How is it tied to my immune system?

The lining of your gut doesn't do all the work by itself. Over 80% of your immunity happens in your gut where more than 10,000 species of bacteria live. Your immune system helps identify and fight off the bad stuff while allowing the good stuff into your body. The good bacteria help break down our food and strengthen the immune system to overpower the bad ones.

How does the test work?

The test kit is mailed to you and collected at home. It includes a drink powder containing lactulose (a disacharride - sugar) and mannitol (a monosaccharide - sugar) and all the supplies needed to collect your urine before and after. Both sugars are water soluble, but Mannitol is easily absorbed and penetrates cells, while Lactulose has larger molecules and should only be partially absorbed. The amount of each type of sugar in your urine can identify a leaky gut.

What can the results tell me?

Ideally, in a healthy functioning gut, your test would show low levels of lactulose (since you shouldn't be able to absorb this large molecule sugar) in your urine and normal levels of mannitol. If lactulose (large molecules) levels are high, it’s a sign of leaky gut because it’s allowing large sugar molecules to pass through easily. Mannitol (small molecules) should be able to be absorbed in a healthy gut. If they are low, it could be a sign of poor absorption of nutrients in general.

How do I get started today?

1. CLICK the PURCHASE button
2. Kit arrives in about 5 business days.
3. Collect and return two urine samples (see collection instructions)
4. Results are ready within 7-10 DAYS
5. Schedule a review with our expert to REVIEW RESULTS


What is the Science of YOU?

The Science of You represents a new private way for individuals to engage in their health by knowing their numbers today, comparing them to future results and tracking changes in their health over time. It also allows them to communicate with other users, get information and if they choose, to share their experience with other members of the community.

Think of it as a new type of connection between question and answer. Where the latest tools, information and devices come together under one roof. It's using the same technology changing the way we learn new things and applying it to your health. Sharing your own Science of You experience with our community to help us better serve you and educates the next generation.


About Your Test Results

Your first set of results (along with any health information you choose to share) will be assembled into a single private record as a reference point going forward. This information BELONGS TO YOU and NO OUTSIDE PARTY can access it without your invitation and consent. It is not available to your employer, insurance company, or any government agency and NEVER becomes part of your permanent medical record UNLESS YOU PROVIDE IT.

Certain results, when complete, provide an option to purchase a one-on-one conversation (an expert review) from a growing list of health coaches, authors and other providers to: ask questions, identify risk factors and help create a plan to move forward with your own personal physician. This unique way to privately share information is revolutionizing the way we learn about our health.

When you have more than one value for a test, results are graphed together so you can easily track changes in your health over time. So the more tests the baseline includes, the more valuable it becomes in the future. Your results are reviewed by our medical team for any values needing immediate attention (critical) or requiring a follow up with your doctor (caution) before they are released to you. You'll receive an email when you can log in and review your results.

Looking at the exact same data from different perspectives (medical doctors, alternative medicine, nutrition, etc) allows everyone you invite to learn from each other. Experts can add notes, recommend tests and follow up conversation (if needed), directly into one single record. Each conversation is recorded and placed as an MP3 file in your private record to get the most out of the valuable information they provide.

An Important Note About Your Experience

TESTS, SUPPORT GROUPS, OR EXPERT REVIEWS ARE NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR THE SERVICES OF A PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN. If you do not fully understand this important distinction about the services available here, please do not purchase our products. Our platform serves as a connection that helps experts share their knowledge. These private conversations, based on the health information contained in your record, create a simple and convenient way to prepare for your next doctor's visit.

Your information is not sold, shared or used for ANY PURPOSE other than giving the expert the best information to help you. Once the conversation is complete, you have the option of un-checking any answer in your My History tab, which then deletes this information from your record.

While the experts CANNOT provide a diagnosis or recommend ANY specific treatment from a single lab report, they may identify results that require a follow up with your personal physician. You will have the opportunity to invite your trusted health providers to participate in these private health conversation. We make it simple to securely fax individual results to your doctor from inside your record, if you choose to make results part of your permanent medical record with them.


No Hidden Costs

There are no hidden fees or yearly memberships to buy. Purchasing this panel is all that is required to join. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of ground-breaking discussions with the best and brightest minds in health care today.